Your Time Means Nothing To Other People (Unless You Do THIS)

Feel like Your Time Means Nothing To Other People? You’ve been there before right? You’ve arranged something with someone or taken time out for someone, only for the other person to not respect the time you have made. Of course there’s times it can’t be helped, things genuinely pop up, as is the nature of life.

There’s a different kind of person though. These people are the ones who had not intention in the first place, were absent minded and forgot or just didn’t care enough to take the time out.

Whilst a lot of the time we never know who these people are until we encounter it. There are ways to make sure people keep their time commitments to you. You have to build up respect for your time and in this article i’m going to share three ways in which you can do so.

Value Your Own Time

Time Means Nothing

Make no mistake, if you fail to value your own time, not only should you not expect others to value it but also you don’t deserve others to respect your time.

You have a choice everyday on how you use your time. If you choose to waste your time on actions that show no return in your business and/or personal life, then you are losing.

Nobody is begrudging anybody taking time out to center themselves and feel human however if you are doing that more than you are putting your time to good work, others will not respect your time.

Treat your own time with respect. Spend it studying, networking and practicing. Use your time to improve yourself and your craft. The results will show and others will respect your time more often.


Be Less Available

Time Means Nothing

Are you one of those people who is constantly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Whilst they are a staple of building a brand online, being too available can be a bad look for you.

The thing with posting all day and scrolling through posts, is that it’s not as productive as other things you could be doing like creating content or studying your next level.

We have to assume, if we see you all day every day, then you are not that busy. If you are not that busy then there is less value in your time to other people. Its a tag to my last point about valuing your own time and others not valuing it as a result.

If people can talk to you anytime, they might not respect time you make for them. However if they know they have a small window to talk to you, not only will they keep their commitments, in most cases they will make the absolute most of that time.


Stay Away From Time Wasters

Time Means Nothing
Your Time Means Nothing To Other People

If someone clearly wastes your time without a good reason, you have no business in keeping them around. Often we will give people plenty of chances in hope of getting their support and secure them as a client. This is a bad idea, if you allow people to stay around after disrespecting your time, you appear as weak.

If someone is a known thief you wouldn’t let them into your house. If someone is a known time waster, don’t let them have any of yours. If you allow them in, you show them your time means nothing.


Your Time Means Nothing To Other People (Unless You Do THIS)

Respect your time to have it respected by others. You need to cultivate the image of someone who doesn’t have time to mess around. Its very simple, value your own time, be less available and cut people off who waste your time.

Your time is the most valuable asset that you have, make the most of it. You don;t want to get a few years down the line, underachieving and knowing that if you had made the most of it you would be where you wanted to be.

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Author: Daniel J. Scott

As an internet marketing professional and self development enthusiast I am here to help you make money by becoming a better version of yourself.