What Is A Real Man? (How Memes By Sociopaths Ruined The Definition)

What Is A Real Man? This is a question every man on a quest of self discovery and attainment of his higher self has asked themselves. This is a skewed topic because as with all things, social media and its millions of opinions have distorted what it means to be a real man.

Let me state before we get into this, that I am in no way advocating myself as the perfect man. I am a man like any other on this quest, gaining an understanding through making mistakes and experiencing successes. This is my definition which you can class as irrelevant as any other out there but I hope that this definition can resonate with you.

How Memes By Sociopaths Ruined The Definition (What Is A Real Man?)

Whether it be unfulfilled males in vain attempts to promote their shallow actions and pursuits or misguided females who have been led to believe in qualities that are a detriment to them. Social media has perpetuated a false image of a real man. They will have you believe that a real man is 6′”3, with 22 inch arms and a beard, with 12 inch penises, a Lamborghini, a Rolex and a bank full of cash.

So in essence, you must be the biggest, smartest and the richest to qualify or at least that’s what the memes will tell you.

This one for example. Obviously sponging off women is pathetic but I borrow money from my girlfriend all the time, or she pays for things. When she’s waiting on payday I return the favour and lend her money for gas and buy dinner for us until she gets paid. Does that make me less of a man?


Being A Real Man

Are we supposed to just pretend like we’re busy and can’t do anything, or how about starve? Relationships are a two way street and it’s people who don’t understand that who create memes like that. Btw, i’m not sure i’m ready to take life advice from people who can’t see the grammar mistakes in a meme before they post, did you mean if?


What Is A Real Man?

What Is A Real Man

A real man isn’t a bearded, mountain moving, car door opening sex god. Real men are those who both know and take care of their responsibilities whatever that might entail. He doesn’t blame others for his situation, nor does he look to shift the blame.

A real man understands himself, strives to always do better and invests his time on the things that make him the man he wants to be. He takes care of his loved ones, showing appreciation for all that he is grateful for.

A real man is in tune with his emotions and doesn’t try to live up to others expectations of him. A real man does what he has to do.

That’s if you believe in a definition of a real man that is…

At the end of the day, this is just another person telling you what a real man is, which is always open to interpretation.


What Is A Real Man?


I’m curious though, what are some things that you believe make a real man?

Leave a comment below i’d love to hear your ideas!

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