How To Build A Team

How To Build A Team
How To Build A Team

If we haven’t experienced it yet, we at least know that at some point we must know how to build a team. Whilst we may feel like we can do everything for ourselves, it is negligent to think we can go all the way by ourselves. We need content creators, we need techies, we need administrators, we need marketers.

Now of course dependent on what market we have put ourselves in, we may need more or less than those roles, however the idea behind this article is that regardless, we need to know how to operate with and around others before we figure out

How To Build A Team

So you’ve been working on your own for some time but at what point do you need to recruit others? That question does not have one size fits all answer. Instead I will ask you a series of questions and tell you why I am asking you them.


Is your vision clear enough, and if it is, would others have an incentive to lock arms with you?
If you are planning to put money towards hiring people for your team the incentive is clear. Planning to pay? You must focus on making your vision clear.

If you’re not planning to pay directly then you need to have incentives. Some incentives may include, more brand exposure, equity/profits, mutually beneficial cause, opportunities for other paid work or commissions.

When planning this route you need to make sure you can provide those things for people. The only way you are going to hold your team together is if everybody is benefitting from the situation.


Are you busy enough yet?

Many people think having a team is the answer. Often this is not the case. The idea of having a team is sharing the workload and being able to get more done. If you as an individual aren’t working yourself to the point you need the extra hands then you need to get your priorities straight.

A team isn’t a fix for laziness. If you’re not already doing everything you can do alone. Then you’re wasting everybody else’s time as well as your own. It’s similar to the music artists who think getting a manager is going to automatically shoot them to a level where they will have tons of shows and make tons of money. Nope, teams only work when there isn’t a weak link. How are you going to be the weakest link of your own team?


What Kind Of Team Will It Be?

There is no one-size fits all team. Is your team going to be all about you? Perhaps your team will be all about everybody getting out there or maybe it’s just a team where you leverage each others skills.

Regardless you need to be dead specific about what kind of team to build. If your main goal is to put yourself out there, it’s only a matter of time until your team mates realise this and come to see you as selfish, unless it’s been agreed that you are priority number one and the teams effort is based around putting you in position.

Likewise if the goal is to put you on but you’re spending time trying to help a team mate build their brand that would be an inefficient use of time based on the objectives set by your team.


What Roles Do You Need In Your Team?

How To Build A Team

Now this of course is going to vary depending on your niche and budget but let’s just keep it basic, however you build off this is your choice.

Content Creator
Whether this is the face of the brand or the person who comes up with the idea. The content creator is the person who comes up with the content, whether it be as a writer or video personality.

Social Media Manager
Everything social media is handled by this person, from the day to day upkeep of the social profiles to the advertising of the content and offers.

Legal Advisor/Lawyer
Whether this person is a regular member of the team or someone you keep on a retainer. You need to make sure you’re not breaking the law when your brand is operating. This person will also protect you when others infringe your rights.

Graphic Designer
Does what it says on the tin. This is the person who takes care of the visual look of your brand.

Sound Engineer
Anything sound related is taken care of by this person. Whether it’s for a music artist or it’s just the general sound quality of the videos and audio parts of your content.

Video Editor/Producer
This is the person who puts the videos together, whether they are recording it themselves or turning clips into the finished article.

General Manager

The GM is the glue of the team. It’s the general managers job to make sure that everybody is on task and is the go-between all members. The general manager needs to know everything at all times.

Now this list isn’t definite, we have to consider two things. One being that some brands and products don’t need all of this for a variety of reasons, the second being that often individuals can take on several of these roles by themselves.

Use this list as a means to analyze what you currently have and what kind of roles/people you need to bring into what you do in order have a more solid foundation.


How To Build A Team

You may be wondering how to build a team – as in, what are the specific actions required to build one? Whilst every team is different and i’m sure every brand has a unique story on how they came together, there are things we can do to connect the dots.

This one is simple enough. There are many people advertising their skills on sites such as Upwork.


You may also find people on social medias like Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram. Often when you find people in this way it won’t become a team right away, rather you will be paying them on a per-project basis, but it’s a start. Over time as you become accustomed to each others workflow and visions you may be able to come towards a compromise where you begin to work as more of a unit.

You can also advertise on websites like craigslist and local job sites.



Disclaimer, sometimes friends don’t make the best colleagues. You may find they feel like they can get away with more and not suffer repercussions due to your friendship. They may also not be critical and honest with you.

If you do have friends you feel will fit the bill you can always start discussing how you can work together.

Another way to bring friends into the fold is training them yourself from scratch. If you have a friend with no purpose or direction, you can bring them under your wing. The bonus to this is that you can mould them into the perfect member of your team, especially if this is their first venture. They won’t have the bad habits and different way of doing things from previously.


How To Work Well As A Team

How To Work Well As A Team

So there’s a few ideas on how to build a team, so now lets talk about how to work well as a team.
In an ideal world, you would recruit someone in whatever way and get to work. Life isn’t that easy though.

Everybody needs to be on the same page, just as we discussed in the beginning of the article. You need to sit down and hash out everything. This is going to include honesty about strengths and weaknesses, how much space an individual needs to work and rules. Don’t neglect this conversation.

How To Work Well As A Team When Making Decisions

Once details like this are smoothed over, everybody should have an understanding. When everybody knows what their role is I highly recommend allowing individuals to make their own decisions. If you bring someone on board to be a graphic designer, let them be creative.

If your content creator has a slightly edgy idea, allow them to explore that. Maybe they will surprise you.

Your team is going to fall apart if you smother your members. Everybody wants to be great at what they do and they’ll never discover they’re greatness if you dictate their direction at all times. If there is some kind of conflict in ideas solve it amicably. Whether it’s sitting down and figuring out the compromise or nudging them in a direction gently. If you want the best out of someone you must allow them to feel important.


How To Build And Work Well As A Team

There is so much more that goes into how to build a team and how to work well as a team. If this article gets enough shares and comments I would definitely like to expand on this topic again.

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I hope you have found this article both interesting and helpful and look forward to seeing your comments on the topic below! Talk to you soon!

Author: Daniel J. Scott

As an internet marketing professional and self development enthusiast I am here to help you make money by becoming a better version of yourself.