I am Daniel J. Scott an internet marketer from Cardiff, Wales and I have failed at a lot of things.

In my younger years I was a wannabe musician, or should I say “trying-to-be” musician.

Somewhere i the midst of that I began a blog broadcasting other peoples music, which was bringing in over 4,000 views every day. That was one of my most successful ventures that brought in sponsorships UK-wide recognition and a lot of valuable connections, however, it just wasn’t for me.

Back to taking my music career seriously I secured music videos on well known platforms through utilising the contacts I had previously built in my blogging pursuits. I ended up giving up being a musician because…it just wasn’t for me.

Music however was still a huge part of my life, as such I branched into production. Using the skills I had acquired as a rap artist I already had knowledge of what music was supposed to sound like. After picking up a few sales I started a new blog which I used to share knowledge with singers and music artists to help them build fanbases and of course make sales as I did.

This was a huge studying phase for me. I learned marketing, sales, social media, networking and any other skills you can think of that would help a brand take off online. Managing to build a solid fanbase on social media and clear over $40,000 in sales online i came to the realisation…it just wasn’t for me.

So here I was, the knowledge and ability to pull in over $40,000 in sales, the knowledge and ability to pull in a fanbase, build email fanbases, run ads yet I was at this crossroads in my life.

For years I was always trying to be something, conquer a particular market, a particular niche and it became extremely tiring. After some soul searching the path became very clear. I just needed to be me.

Marketing and personal development is universal, in my opinion if you can sell rap beats, you can sell t-shirts, if you can sell t-shirts you can sell ebooks, if you can sell ebooks you can sell coaching and the list continues.

I realised I was selling the wrong thing. I was selling a nickname, a pseudonym, a character.

It was time for me to sell everything that I am as a person and that is personal development. I am obsessed with the idea of getting better. I am excited by the idea of pushing to the next level and I am completely driven by the idea of being the best version of myself.

So through my journey to find the best version of me, I want to share my lessons and experience with you in the hopes that you too can join this journey with me in finding out what we are really made of.

If any of this content on this website appeals to you, please let me know how you felt or if you need any clarification.

I’m dedicating my time and energy to growth and i’ll be happy for you to grow alongside me.

Thank you.

Daniel J. Scott

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