What We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr

Learn From Martin Luther King Jr. Mr King was without question one of the most influential people to ever step foot on this earth. The man who inspired millions of people to stand up and fight for their rights. The man who died as a martyr fighting for what he believed in, not for himself but for others. So that they one day could be free.

It would be hard to find someone who lives in the western world who has never heard of this great man. Though some may not have much of a knowledge on who he was and what he really did. I’d like to begin this article by giving a brief history of Martin Luther King Jr.


Who Is Martin Luther King Jr?

Learn From Martin Luther King

Born in 1929 in a highly baptist community in Georgia, Martin was raised on strong principles. America in this time was a very volatile and dangerous environment for people of color. Whilst there had been a decline in power of the Ku Klux Klan, racism was still rife, acts of violence such as lynching were still common.

Equality wasn’t even a part of the conversation and segregation still existed. Black people were treated as a sub-human species and as such were given a dogs life.

Martin was to lead a tumultuous life, with his father being a strong advocate of equality and preaching openly of his disdain for racism and segregation. This was to hugely affect a young and impressionable Martin.

Martin Luther King Jr Education

Learn From Martin Luther King

King would go on to study at Booker T Washington high school where he was such an oustanding student he was skipped two grades during his time there eventually attending college at the age of 15. During this time he began to question religion. His father had bred him to be his succeeder in the ministry but to his dismay Martin decided against following in his fathers footsteps. However in his junior year he found a renewed faith.

Martin would then go on to attend Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania and Boston University following that. He would then go on to become a pastor in the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama.

The Making Of Martin Luther King Jr 

Learn From Martin Luther King

In 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white person on a bus. The outroar from this case sparked a series of events where the people of color decided to finally speak up and make change. Martin Luther King was elected as leader of this movement.

He took a peaceful approach, staging boycotts and protests, no violence was used. The bus boycott was particularly successful. Black people refused to use the bus for 382 days and chose to walk to work. They were lambasted, harassed and attack during this whole time but stayed strong with Martin’s leadership. Eventually the City would would lift segregated public transport. A huge success for the civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King Jr’s Sacrifices

Learn From Martin Luther King

This would lead to more and more protests having a similar effect in changing the laws of segregation not only in their City but spreading to other places in America. In October 1960, King and 75 students held a sit in at a lunch counter in a department store. When refused, they staged a peaceful protest which led to 37 arrests including Martin Luther King Jr. The city would call a truce and release everybody but later Imprison Martin Luther King Jr for a ‘Traffic Violation’. John F Kennedy would later get the wheels moving in getting him released from prison.

In 1963, his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech would come to pass. This was the height of Martin Luther King Jr’s career. His past, present and future actions would cause the whole of America to come to question and upturn the ‘Jim Crow’ laws and also give black people voting rights.

The Death Of Martin Luther King Jr

Learn From Martin Luther King

By 1968, after all Martin Luther King Jr had achieved. The establishment had grown tired and of course feared his influence. A man named James Early Ray would assassinate Martin Luther King Jr while on his hotel balcony. Though he had left this earth, his impact and legacy would never forgotten and it would be safe to assume that this world would not be the same without the struggles of this man and those who chose to support him.

He has been given his own day in history and once a year the world officially celebrates his life and time on earth.


What We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr

I apologize for rushing and skipping through his story as he has so many more accomplishments and defining moments. However I wanted to give you a brief idea of the man he was and some of the biggest things he has achieved. This article is about What We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr. Let’s get into it.


1. Question Everything

Learn From Martin Luther King

Though he may have ended up following in his fathers footsteps, Martin was not afraid to question his teachings. He took time to figure out who he was and if religion was really for him. Many will blindly follow a belief they are told or given and whilst it may be of benefit to them. It is important to choose what is right for you.

When Martin Luther King Jr decided to allow religion back into his life, he would have been absolutely sure it was right for him. He would have explored his spirituality and done plenty of study. This would have allowed him to know who he is aside from religion.

This doesn’t specifically mean question religion. Question everything from common sayings to the media. Contemplate and understand your own position of things in life or else be indoctrinated into somebody else’s’ beliefs.


2. Don’t Accept Your Circumstances

Learn From Martin Luther King

Whether you are broke, physically impaired or anything similar. It does not define you. Martin Luther King grew up in a time where you could die just for being black, let alone fighting for black rights and staging protests.

He refused to be dictated to and took it upon himself to make the changes he deemed necessary in this world.

If you let other people or circumstances define who you are and what you can be, you will never achieve freedom. You have to create the person and situation you want to be in. It will not just happen because you want it to. You have to take action.


3. Have A Purpose Greater Than You

Learn From Martin Luther King

The key to Martin Luther King Jr’s success was the support of his people. He may have been a great leader but a leader is nothing without their followers. Martins purpose was greater than him. He wasn’t fighting for equality and justice for himself, he was fighting for every black person in America and the world.

He was aiming to make a difference in others lives more than his own and that is what sparked people to become a part of his movement.

Often people choose a selfish purpose like ‘I want to be rich and famous’. You might be able to make it happen but you will not have the support of the people like you would if you set a purpose of financial freedom for you and everybody around you for example.

You must inspire, motivate and free people if you want them as true supporters.

4. Don’t Take No For An Answer

Learn From Martin Luther King

Imagine they told Martin Luther King, no black people can’t vote and he said “ok, no problem”.

A no is a temporary thing. People who say no, may have the power right now but if you take the action required to force their hands, you remove that power and choice from them.

Perhaps you apply to guest on a tv show or podcast and they say no. What if you were to build your brand and business to a point where they would be crazy to refuse?

A no is not always a reflection of you being good enough or not, often its timing and other circumstances. Regardless, refuse to take no as a permanent answer and come back with more power and more to offer.


What We Can Learn From Martin Luther King

I hope I have done this great man justice with this article. He was an inspiring man and we can all Learn From Martin Luther King. Know any facts about him or any important event I have missed? Please comment below!

Author: Daniel J. Scott

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